Stranger Danger


Ouff.  It has been much too long.  My well intended commitment to blog regularly has hit a speed bump.  A speed bump called working 5 days a week, full-time undergrad study, running a society and the sad semblance of a social life.

*Note: For those non-Canadian readers, pressing the links below will not only change the way you read this blog post, but potentially change your life (a little dramatic, I know, but seriously, click the links).

2 weeks ago, I spent a glorious 24 hours in St. John’s, NL.  I flew in around noon on the 13th, was generously picked up by my high school best friend, Hali, and given an amazing tour of an amazing city.  Despite the wind and the fog, I felt this overwhelming sense of belonging.  I think that’s a pretty typical feeling for most people who visit the Rock, but I could even picturing myself calling that place home (which, in my life, usually means temporarily).  Nonetheless, it was a beautiful time, and an honor to guest speak at the annual NLCSA meeting.

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