Article: 5 Tips for the Aspiring Au Pair

I just read a really nice article written by an Au Pair in Amsterdam.  The reason this article is so interesting is because I often feel conflicted when explaining to non-Au Pairs the pitfalls and triumphs of being one.

There are two really extreme, but really common, replies after explaining I was, and am applying to be, an Au Pair.  The first is something to the effect of it being such an AMAZING experience with absolutely nothing but POSITIVE aspects.  The other is quite the opposite.  Living with and working for a family with snot-nosed, whiny kids?  That must have been terrible.

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Reblog: 10 Things Your Au Pair Isn’t Saying

This post is a reblog/review of a blog post from Au Pair Garden.  Au Pair Garden is an amazing resource for Au Pairs & Host Families.  I read them often, and when I stumbled across this post, I knew I had to blog about it. (Read the full post here)

I wasn’t sure what to think of this blog post when I first read it.  I was sitting on the fence between thinking it sounded a little harsh and thinking it is the best damn thing I’ve ever read.  Here is a summary of the “10 Things Your Au Pair Isn’t Saying” in bold, and my comments in italics. 

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You Know You’re an Au Pair When

Over the last 3 years, I’ve seen a number of adaptations of the “You know you’re an Au Pair when” list. I always find it humorous even though I don’t relate with some of them (Canadians eat the same lame excuse for bread as Americans, and most Americans know where Canada is if not what Canada is).

So, I picked and prodded through the list, and narrowed it down to the ones I enjoy the most — and, naturally, added my own commentary.

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