Article: 5 Tips for the Aspiring Au Pair

I just read a really nice article written by an Au Pair in Amsterdam.  The reason this article is so interesting is because I often feel conflicted when explaining to non-Au Pairs the pitfalls and triumphs of being one.

There are two really extreme, but really common, replies after explaining I was, and am applying to be, an Au Pair.  The first is something to the effect of it being such an AMAZING experience with absolutely nothing but POSITIVE aspects.  The other is quite the opposite.  Living with and working for a family with snot-nosed, whiny kids?  That must have been terrible.

While it is an amazing experience, it certainly is not a walk in the park, and while there are days you would rather crawl into a corner in die than leave the confines of your bedroom, it isn’t all bad.  It seems if I’m not defending the good side, I’m defending the bad side, and this happens often with people who come to me for advice when contemplating whether or not to be an Au Pair.

This article is a great balance.  Read it here.  Feel free to comment with feedback.






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