Gate D45




This post is long, long overdue, but I come to you live from Pearson International Airport (if you reread the last part in a deep man’s voice, you will get the full experience), with Starbucks in hand and bags under eyes. Ha.

I am returning to Halifax in 2 hours from a 5 day much needed escape from school and work.  I’m not in the right place to dive into the details of what I was doing in Toronto.  I’ll leave that for a later post.

It has been 13 days since my Au Pair interview, and I’m embarrassed to admit I waited this long to blog about it.  I guess part of that reason is it wasn’t really much of an interview, which is to be expected.  It was 45 minutes of making sure I was STILL a suitable candidate and going over program details.  I also happened to show up minus a Criminal Record Check (they take a week now, apparently), so my profile wasn’t really complete until I e-mailed a scanned copy of it today.  So, I feel less embarrassed knowing that my application is officially complete!

Fun little fact about this program.  When I went through Au Pair in America, my profile was loaded into a database for the Host Families to peruse (and scrutinize!).  In this program, the middle man organization e-mails me profiles of families they think would be a good match. I get to peruse (and scrutinize!) their profiles and decided whether or not I want to interview with them.  I dig it.

This was certainly a sad attempt at blogging.  It was a hectic few days tying up lose ends to fly to Toronto, a hectic few days in Barrie, and it will be a hectic 3 days back in Halifax before heading to New Brunswick for my niece’s baptism.  Lots more to come, however.




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